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Operating in a system of resource management where the aim is sustainable fishing

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Letter to employees

We are very pleased to be able to inform you that the Icelandic Central Bank has finally admitted that its allegations against Samherji’s subsidiary, Kaldbakur ehf. were unfounded. Consequently the Central Bank has dropped the case, after an investigation lasting for nearly 60 months. It should be mentioned at this point that the case related to two bank transfers, one of which amounted to 1,500 NOK (ISK 19,700), cf. accompanying section from a letter written by the Governor of the Central Bank. The company had complied with the bank’s request and submitted all documentation required by the bank. Thus, these documents were not confiscated in the house search. On the basis of those documents, the bank submitted two charges to the police.

With this decision, the Central Bank has finally closed its cases against Samherji and affiliated companies. An unresolved issue, however, relates to a nullification case currently being conducted in the Reykjavík District Court with regard to an inappropriate fine imposed on Samherji by the Central Bank in September this year. We remain optimistic that this case, also, will be concluded as a complete victory for us. 

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Samherji employs a new CFO

Dear colleagues,

It is my pleasure to announce that Samherji hf. has employed Mr. Jon Rafn Ragnarsson as its new Chief Financial Officer.

Jon Rafn is born in 1979 in Reykjavik. He graduated with a MSc. in Business from the University of Iceland in 2003 and became a state authorised public accountant in 2006. Jon Rafn has been with Deloitte for the past 15 years and a partner since 2008. Alongside his work with Deloitte Jon Rafn has been active within the Institute of State Authorized Public Accountants and been a teaching Management Accounting and Auditing at Reykjavik University for ten years.

Jon Rafn's spouse is Mrs. Ellen Maria Sveinbjörnsdottir, MSc. in Business from the University of Iceland. She is born in 1975 in Arendal in Norway and together they have two young children. Jon Rafn also has two children from a previous relationship. 

Jon Rafn will begin working for Samherji hf. soon and the family will move to Akureyri this summer. To begin with Jon Rafn will work alongside Sigursteinn Ingvarsson. 

We welcome Jon Rafn on board our team and his family to Akureyri. 

Best regards,

Thorsteinn Mar

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Samherji leads the list of the strongest companies in Iceland


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Samherji is involved in all stages of the value chain from fishing, farming and processing to export and sales. The strong position of Samherji together with knowledge, experience and ...

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Operations in Iceland

Samherji Ltd. is one of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish industry. The company is engaged in operating freezer trawlers, purse seiners as well as land based factories ...

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Operations abroad

Samherji has participated in the fishing industry of other countries since 1994, individually or in cooperation with others. Overseas operations of the Samherji group are around 55% of ...

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Icefresh Seafood LTD

Ice Fresh Seafood emphasises on sales activities, excellent service both for suppliers and customers as well as sales for other producers.

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The company

Operating in a system of resource management where the aim is sustainable fishing, Samherji, founded in 1983, is a leading seafood company in Iceland. Outside Iceland, Samherji has or takes part in operations in Germany, Poland, U.K., the Faroe Islands, Africa, Canada, France and Spain.

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