No visits allowed due to coronavirus uncertainty

Samherji has informed its employees that no visits are allowed at the company's premises for an indefinite period due to uncertainty related to COVID-19, coronavirus.

In addition, employees have been encouraged to minimize travel as much as possible and to cancel travel to areas defined as risk zones where COVID-19 infection is widespread. This is done according to recommendations from the Icelandic Directorate of Health. Furthermore, Samherji has directed employees to respect quarantine instructions if they have recently visited defined risk areas.

Sixteen coronavirus disease infections have now been confirmed in Iceland. In all cases, the infected individuals are Icelandic citizens that had been travelling abroad. Samherji is currently preparing a contingency plan according to recommendations from the health authorities if there is any suspicion of contagion among crews onboard vessels in the company's fleet. This plan will be presented to crew members as soon as it is available.