Land based

In the towns Dalvík and Akureyri Samherji hf. operates two large and very advanced whitefish plants. The plants produce wide variety of fresh and frozen fish products as well as dried fish.

Samherji´s head office is located in Akureyri

Dalvik Whitefish Plant

Our Dalvik plant is one of the most sophisticated white fish plants in the North Atlantic. The catching
is controlled by the plant with quality and needs in mind. All our products are super chilled under
0°C during production to keep material under best possible conditions throughout processing.
Newly installed machinery gives us the possibility to vacuum pack fresh portions and freeze after
packing. We do have years of experience in producing for European retailers and pride ourselves in
delivering excellent service to our customers.


Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa (ÚA)

is an advanced white fish processing plant located in Akureyri, Samherji’s home town. The plant employs 130 people and has a good reputation for producing quality fresh and frozen white fish for the European and other markets.