Sales and Export

Ice Fresh Seafood

Samherji exports its own production under the brand “Ice Fresh Seafood”.

Ice Fresh Seafood is Samherji’s sales and marketing division, based in Iceland. It handles global marketing, sales and export of all Samherji’ s seafood products, including fresh and frozen ground fish, farmed fish, pelagic fish and more. These products are sold to customers worldwide, at wholesale, retail and processing levels. Ice Fresh Seafood has a long history in dealing with the industry’s most demanding sectors where only the best is good enough.

Samherji and Ice Fresh Seafood offer only products from sustainable fisheries, and do hold MSC approval and a chain of custody accreditation.

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Ice Fresh Seafood´s latest sales brochure

Ice Fresh Seafood promotion videos:

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - Dalvik high tech fish processing

SAMHERJI 360 VR - Cod, Haddock and Arctic Char

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - Passion for fish products

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - From Catch to table 

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY – High tech fish processing



Pride of Iceland is a joint marketing program for seafood from Iceland and owned by Fisheries Iceland. The goal of the project is to educate consumers about what makes Icelandic fish such as high-quality product. More information on