The company

Samherji Ltd. founded in 1983 is one of the largest companies in the Icelandic fish industry. Samherji is a vertically integrated seafood company, operating a fleet of fishing vessels, fish factories and fish farming.  Samherji also exports its own production under the "Ice Fresh Seafood" brand. 

Samherji utilises the marine resources with respect and in a sustainable way and in accordance with acknowledged regulations. Vertical integration from feed to distribution, minimizes cost & waste throughout the supply chain. We use the nose to tail approach in all our production. This means no part of the fish goes to waste.

Samherji´s policies on the Environment and Quality are here.

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Promotion videos:

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - Dalvik high tech fish processing

SAMHERJI 360 VR - Cod, Haddock and Arctic Char

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - Passion for fish products

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - From Catch to table 

THE QUEST FOR QUALITY – High tech fish processing


Head office:
Glerargotu 30, IS-600 Akureyri, Iceland
Tel: + 354 560 9000
E-mail: samherji[at] (employees email addresses here)

Switchboard is open every workday from 08:00 to 16:00 GMT.
Reception is open every workday between 13:30 and 15:00 GMT.

Reykjavik office:
Katrinartuni 2, floor 14, 105 Reykjavík, Iceland