Samherji is involved in all stages of the value chain from fishing, farming and processing to export and sales.

The strong position of Samherji together with knowledge and experience ensures that the company can minimize risks and ensure stability. All Samherji produce is sourced from sustainable fisheries, resulting in MSC approval alongside the MSC chain og custody accreditation.


Quality Policy
It is the quality policy of Samherji to be leading in its field and always to satisfay the customer's expectations. To fulfil this Samherji puts great emphasis on the highest of quality all the way from raw material to the end products for the consumer. Samherji Ltd operates in accordance with acknowledged regulations.

The company uses the best production technology available each time. Samherji Ltd uses HACCP quality system in its production divisions. Traceability of products from the catch area to the consumer is ensured. Employees of Samherji get the education and training needed to be happy and to be able to do their job in the best possible way so that both their expectations and the customer´s are the same.

Environmental Policy

It is the social responsibility of companies in the fish industry to reduce their negative impact on the environment and strive for the continued fishing and production of high-quality fish products. Samherji's goal is to operate in the best possible harmony with the environment, promote environmentally friendly operations at all stages of the production, sustainable utilization of fish stocks and good management of the marine resources. Samherji's policy is to maximize the utilization of raw materials and produce wholesome quality products, to increase the efficiency of energy consumption and to increase the use of environmentally friendly energy.

Marine environment is of great importance to Samherji, and compliance with laws and regulations relating to environmental issues is an essential factor. To achieve its environmental goals, Samherji has various projects in progress at any given time.



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