Samherji's Human Resource Policy

The management of Samherji is well aware that the successful operation of the company depends to a great extent on the knowledge and ambition of the company's staff. Samherji strives to hire qualified employees and offer them a safe and positive working environment. Great emphasis is placed on welcoming new employees and providing them with appropriate training and introduction before they begin working for the company as well as promoting and encouraging continuous training and re-education among employees.

Safety Manual

Samherji places great emphasis on the safety, health, and well-being of its employees. We shall provide the necessary conditions for a safe and healthy work environment for all our employees and aim to prevent accidents and occupational illness in compliance with all applicable standards. 

In addition to Samherji's Code of Conduct and the policies and procedures referred to therein are safety manuals for land-based operations, fish farming and Samherji's vessels. The safety manuals contain all the necessary safety information relating to the workplace in question. Safety manuals shall be accessible to all employees at the relevant facilities.

In Samherji we maintain an alcohol- and drug-free working environment. 


Equal opportunities
Samherji Ísland ehf. has received an equal pay certification confirming that the company meets the requirements of the Equal Pay Standard ÍST: 85 2012 and the requirements of Act no. 10/2008 on equal status and equal rights for women and men. Equal pay certificate here


Samherji's human resources strategy emphasises gender equality. Each staff member is valued according to his or her deserts, both when recruited and when transferred between positions within the company. Gender discrimination is strictly forbidden and gender classification of particular jobs is to be avoided, as far as possible.

Samherji seeks to ensure full equality among employees, that everyone is valued on their own terms and has equal opportunities to utilise their talent, knowledge and skills in their work. The company works in accordance with its Equality Plan and bullying, sexual and gender-based harassment or violence are never tolerated.

Introduction and education of new recruits
Samherji makes an effort to introduce the company and the main aspects of their work to new employees thus enabling them to deal successfully with their tasks as soon as possible, gain a positive perception of the company, get to know their colleagues and learn about their rights and duties.

Samherji encourages employees to have an open, solution-oriented and constructive communication where politeness, respect and a positive interface are prevalent. Good team spirit is emphasized where everyone promotes good working spirit and wellbeing in the workplace.

Continuous training and re-education at Samherji

In recent years, Samherji has invited its employees to attend various training and education, which have been useful both in work and in their personal life. The goal is to promote and encourage continuous training and re-education within Samherji.

Health and safety 

Samherji emphasises on occupational health and safety to help improve the well-being of employees. Samherji supports health in various ways, from encouraging employees to exercise and live healthily, to analyse, develop and improve conditions in the workplace and implement procedures to ensure safety.

Samherji wants to minimize absence due to illness or accidents and is committed to support the return of employees back to work by all means.

Family-friendly workplace

Samherji wants to be a family-friendly workplace that allows employees to coordinate work commitments and family responsibilities and encourages employees to achieve work-life balance.

End of employment

A dismissal form the job needs to have valid grounds. In the case of alleged misconduct at work, the manager must issue a warning and give the employee an opportunity to comment on the matter, unless the incident is so severe that it justifies immediate dismissal.

It is generally assumed that employees will retire the year they turn 67. In instances when employees are approaching retirement, Samherji wants to accommodate employees' wishes for adjusting employment with the possibility of part time work or adjustment in duty of employment when possible.

Samherji emphasizes that employees retire with a positive attitude, and a retirement interview is offered to all those who intend to leave Samherji.