The founders of Samherji set up a new company to invest in innovation and create jobs in the Eyjafjördur region

Thorsteinn Már Baldvinsson, CEO of Samherji, and Kristján Vilhelmsson, the managing director of ships operations at Samherji, have established Drift EA for the purposes of fostering entrepreneurship and innovation within the Eyjafjördur area. The company will offer facilities and support to entrepreneurs and businesses to develop their ideas locally and internationally.

Regarding a fake press release and website

Samherji's attention has been drawn to the fact that unknown dishonest parties have sent a fake press release in Samherji's name to foreign media outlets. The same parties also seem to have set up a fake website in the name of the company hosted in the UK and, at the same time, distributed fake advertising banners.
It should be noted that neither the website nor the press release has any connection with Samherji or the company's employees. This appears to be a planned attack that the company takes very seriously. Samherji will request that the fake website is taken down.

May 1st: Samherji´s 40 years Anniversary

40 years have passed since the trawler Guðsteinn GK 140 sailed into Eyjafjörður. The cousins Kristján Vilhelmsson, Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson and Þorsteinn Vilhelmsson had bought almost all of the shares in Samherji hf. in Grindavík, that owned Guðsteinn and they moved the domicile to Akureyri. Thus began the history of the company, which has since that day prospered and grown into one of the largest seafood companies in Iceland, with operations in fishing, fish processing, fish farming and sale of seafood products.

Aquanor Marketing Is Now Aquanor Ice Fresh

Boston, MA - Aquanor Marketing, Inc. is proud to announce it is rebranding to Aquanor Ice Fresh, further solidifying its partnership with Samherji. The "Ice Fresh" brand originates from Samherji's long-standing sales arm, Ice Fresh Seafood.

Dear colleagues

I think it is appropriate to inform you about the remarkable change that has taken place in the media coverage of Samherji issues in relation to Namibia. On Wednesday, Norway's Aftenposten's special magazine, Innsikt, published a lengthy apology for coverage that appeared in the previous issue. This is the first time that a reputable media outlet has accepted our point of view that one-sided and biased narratives have no place in quality news coverage, as we have genuinely experienced both here in Iceland and abroad. I will go over Aftenposten's apology in more detail with you.

Samherji's cases with the Icelandic tax authorities have been finalised and criminal cases dropped

Tax cases against Samherji and affiliated companies have been fully concluded in a settlement between Samherji and the Revenue and Customs Office in Iceland. This settlement involves the reimposition of tax on companies in the Samherji group for the operating years 2012-2018. Simultaneously, the District Prosecutor in Iceland has dropped criminal charges against the companies and their employees related to unpaid taxes and confirmed that neither the managers nor the employees of the companies in question had been found to have committed criminal offences in connection therewith.

Baldvin Thorsteinsson acquires the foreign operations of Samherji Holding

A Dutch company owned by Baldvin Thorsteinsson has reached an agreement on buying the assets of Alda Seafood Holding and will therefore acquire the foreign operations of Samherji Holding. Mr Thorsteinsson has been managing the business for the past few years as the CEO of Alda Seafood Holding.

Good annual result characterised by strong underlying operations

Samherji Holding ehf. made a profit of EUR 53.7 million in 2021, according to the financial statements approved at the company's general meeting yesterday. This is a considerably better result than in 2020 when the company made a profit of EUR 27.4 million.

Samherji's financial results for the year 2021: Good profit from operational earnings and sale of assets

The net profit from operations of Samherji hf. after taxes (without share in and profit from sale of associates) amounted to EUR 36,6 million in 2021 but was EUR 30 million in the previous year.

Samherji Fish Farming's share capital increased by 26 million USD and Alf-Helge Aarskog joins the board of directors

Samherji fiskeldi ehf. (Samherji Fish Farming), the aquaculture arm of Samherji has just completed a share capital increase of 26 million USD. The funds will be used to build a pilot project for land-based salmon farming in Öxarfjördur, in Northeast Iceland, and design and construct a 40,000-tonne salmon farm in the Resource Park next to the Reykjanes Power Plant in the Reykjanes Peninsula.