Samherji's cases with the Icelandic tax authorities have been finalised and criminal cases dropped

Tax cases against Samherji and affiliated companies have been fully concluded in a settlement between Samherji and the Revenue and Customs Office in Iceland. This settlement involves the reimposition of tax on companies in the Samherji group for the operating years 2012-2018. Simultaneously, the District Prosecutor in Iceland has dropped criminal charges against the companies and their employees related to unpaid taxes and confirmed that neither the managers nor the employees of the companies in question had been found to have committed criminal offences in connection therewith.

Baldvin Thorsteinsson acquires the foreign operations of Samherji Holding

A Dutch company owned by Baldvin Thorsteinsson has reached an agreement on buying the assets of Alda Seafood Holding and will therefore acquire the foreign operations of Samherji Holding. Mr Thorsteinsson has been managing the business for the past few years as the CEO of Alda Seafood Holding.

Good annual result characterised by strong underlying operations

Samherji Holding ehf. made a profit of EUR 53.7 million in 2021, according to the financial statements approved at the company's general meeting yesterday. This is a considerably better result than in 2020 when the company made a profit of EUR 27.4 million.

Samherji's financial results for the year 2021: Good profit from operational earnings and sale of assets

The net profit from operations of Samherji hf. after taxes (without share in and profit from sale of associates) amounted to EUR 36,6 million in 2021 but was EUR 30 million in the previous year.

Samherji Fish Farming's share capital increased by 26 million USD and Alf-Helge Aarskog joins the board of directors

Samherji fiskeldi ehf. (Samherji Fish Farming), the aquaculture arm of Samherji has just completed a share capital increase of 26 million USD. The funds will be used to build a pilot project for land-based salmon farming in Öxarfjördur, in Northeast Iceland, and design and construct a 40,000-tonne salmon farm in the Resource Park next to the Reykjanes Power Plant in the Reykjanes Peninsula.

Financial statements for Samherji Holding show operations on solid foundations

Net profit from the operation of the international fisheries company Samherji Holding ehf. amounted to EUR 27.4 million in 2020 and EUR 1.4 million in 2019.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

Samherji sends best whishes to all for the Christmas Holidays and the New Year!

Samherji Fish farming awarded ASC certification

Samherji Fish farming has been awarded the ASC environmental certification for its land-based farming and production of Arctic Char.
The ASC (Aquaculture Stewardship Council) certification is one of the most stringent environmental certifications in aquaculture and is recognized worldwide. Samherji Fish farming operates two on growing farms for Arctic char in the Southern Peninsula Region, and the production was about 3500 tons last year. The company also has Whole Foods Market and BAP (Best Aquaculture Practice) certifications.

The new electricity connection is a positive step for the environment

Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA 11, Samherji's new pelagic vessel, arrived in Neskaupstadur last week to offload about 850 tonnes of mackerel at Síldarvinnslan's processing plant. This landing marks a positive milestone; an electric connection was used for the first time to connect ships while they land raw materials in the fish processing plant. Furthermore, it is estimated that the oil consumption of ships will decrease by 300 thousand litres per year due to the use of this new equipment. The cost of the project is over a hundred million ISK.

Exemplary facilities for workers

Representatives of the Federation of General and Special Workers in Iceland (SGS) got acquainted with the operation of Samherji's high-tech processing plant in Dalvík today after the facilities had been more or less closed for months due to the pandemic. Björn Snæbjörnsson, chairman of the Federation of General and Special workers in Iceland, who is also chairman of the trade union Eining-Idja, says that the facilities for workers in the building are exemplary.