The new electricity connection is a positive step for the environment

Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA 11, Samherji's new pelagic vessel, arrived in Neskaupstadur last week to offload about 850 tonnes of mackerel at Síldarvinnslan's processing plant. This landing marks a positive milestone; an electric connection was used for the first time to connect ships while they land raw materials in the fish processing plant. Furthermore, it is estimated that the oil consumption of ships will decrease by 300 thousand litres per year due to the use of this new equipment. The cost of the project is over a hundred million ISK.


In the following statement, Samherji seeks to explain its views in the so-called Namibia case and, at the same time, present some of the main findings of an investigation by the Norwegian law firm Wikborg Rein. Initially, it was intended to present the results to the Icelandic authorities a while back, but it has been repeatedly postponed for well-known reasons. Therefore, although that presentation has not yet taken place, it is now appropriate to present some comments from Samherji regarding the main findings from the investigation.

Samherji and HS Orka sign agreement for land-based fish farming in the Resource Park in Reykjanes

Samherji fiskeldi ehf. has entered into agreements with HS Orka for the development of land-based salmon farming in the Resource Park by the Reykjanes Power Plant. The goal is to produce a wholesome quality product with a low ecological footprint. The company has secured access to sea and electricity to produce up to 40 thousand tons of salmon on land annually. Warm seawater will be used in the production, a resource stream from the cooling of the Reykjanes Power Plant. Samherji fiskeldi has also reached an agreement with landowners for the development.
A general briefing about the project will be held in the .......

Vessel Oddeyrin modified to catch, conserve and transport live fish ashore

Construction of and installation of new equipment is currently underway in the vessel Oddeyrin EA, allowing the ship to start experimenting with bringing live groundfish ashore for processing. This particular technology and method have not been used on trawlers before.
The vessel, previously named Western Chieftain, is a 45-meter-long pelagic vessel that Samherji acquired and had converted for groundfish fishing with the option of pumping fish on board and store it alive in specially equipped tanks.


Samherji notes that the Norwegian bank DNB has received a violation penalty from the Norwegian supervisory body Finanstilsynet of 400 million Norwegian kroner. Samherji has no knowledge of this violation penalty beyond what may be read in publicly available sources.

The new vessel Vilhelm has arrived in Iceland

Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA 11, a new pelagic fishing vessel built especially for Samherji, sailed into Eyjafjördur in Iceland for the first time yesterday. Vilhelm Thorsteinsson is a large, elegant and exceptionally well-equipped vessel, 89 meters long and 16.6 meters wide. The carrying capacity is well over three thousand tons in thirteen tanks, where the catch will be cooled down to bring the best possible raw material to land.

Helgi Seljan found guilty of a serious ethical violation for writing about Samherji

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service (RÚV) ethics committee has found journalist Helgi Seljand guilty of violating RÚV's Code of Ethics with his written comments about Samherji. The committee decided that several of his remarks, which contained a "clear and personal stance" on Samherji, constitute a "serious violation" of the Code. This is the conclusion of the committee in a ruling announced today.

Fresh product ready for delivery within an hour of landing

A new video about fresh fish production in Samherji's high-tech plant in Dalvík covers the entire production process in detail from when the fish is landed directly from Samherji's vessels to the processing house until fresh products are packed according to customers' requirements and ready for delivery.

Letter to coworkers

Dear coworkers

Yesterday, RUV continued its long-standing attack on Samherji with coverage that was quite unbelievable. During an episode of Kveikur, old news from Cyprus was recycled, and auditors were brought to the fore who made all sorts of assertions without justification. Finally, a new Namibian citizen was presented that no one within Samherji has heard of until now.

No money laundering in Samherji's transactions with DNB

The Oslo Public Prosecutor has dropped a criminal case directed at the Norwegian bank DNB due to transactions with companies affiliated with Samherji. DNB bank reported this in an announcement to the Oslo Stock Exchange this morning. The investigation, which covered allegations of money laundering, did not reveal any criminal conduct that could lead to prosecution, and therefore the case was dropped.