Samherji at the Brussels Seafood show

The European Seafood Exhibition has been busy this year and it is clear that we are
experiencing a very lively market in the Seafood business. There seems to be a great demand for most species and prices are high.

Samherji buys the Seafood Company Brim in Akureyri

- Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa established
A sales agreement was signed this weekend between a new Daughter Company of Samherji and Brim Seafood Company, selling Brim´s assets in Akureyri. The new company will be named
Útgerðarfélag Akureyringa. The agreement is signed with the reservation of approval due to competitive restrictions.

Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA a Record breaker

The ship Vilhelm Þorsteinsson EA arrived yesterday from it´s last fishing trip this year, fully loaded of frozen Herring products. The crew of Vilhelm has caught 50.000 tons this year worth 3,3 billion ISK, which is a record in catch value.

Björgúlfur EA passes 1000 million ISK

Björgúlfur EA 312 arrived in Dalvík harbor this morning fully loaded with 115 tons of fish. The catch was mainly Cod that goes directly on to the processing line in Samherji´s fish factory in Dalvík.  Including this fishing trip´s value of just over 25 million ISK Björgúlfur has passed catch value of 1000 million ISK this year, for the first time in it´s history. On this occasion the ship´s crew was greeted with a large cream cake.  

Kristina EA 410 arrives in the hometown Akureyri

Kristina EA 410, the largest ship of the Icelandic fishing fleet arrived in Akureyri this morning having left Las Palmas a week ago. The ship will, in the next days,  be heading for Herring and Mackerel fishing in Icelandic waters.

Brussel Seafood show a successful event for Samherji

The third and final day of the exhibition has come to an end and looking back at the three days, we can confidentially say: It was a success. The fresh Arctic Charr, Halibut and Cod loins carefully prepared by the celebrated Master Chef Mr. Einar Geirsson had surely an effect on the deals closed or the new relationships formed.  To all our visitors: Thanks for coming – we are looking forward to seeing you again.

Samherji exhibits in Brussels´ Seafood show

Samherji´s stand at the Brussels Seafood show has been buzzing on this first day of the exhibition. Customers old and new have come to meet Samherji´s staff and many are enjoying meeting for the first time after maybe years of telephone and email communication.

Onward buys a ship

Onward Fishing Company has bought the trawler Fridborg. The ship is specially strengthened for sailing in ice and equipped for shrimp fishing.  

600.000 living Salmon smolts transported from Iceland to Norway

A week long process, of transporting the largest quantity of living smolts that has ever been transported from Iceland to Norway, came to an end recently for Islandsbleikja, Samherji´s subsidiary in fish farming. A ship, largest of it´s kind came ashore in Kirkenes in North Norway with 600.000 living Salmon smolts worth 6 million NOK.

Successful participation in Sirha

The sales- and marketing team from Samherji introduced Samherji´s products at The International hotel, catering and food exhibition Sirha which was held in Lyon in France recently. The exhibition guests were able to taste various fresh seafood products, dished up in a delightful way at the Samherji stand.