Changes in Samherji´s EU Fleet Operations

Óskar Aevarsson has decided to step down as Fleet Manager of Samherji´s EU Fleet operations. Óskar Aevarsson has cooperated with the Samherji cousins Thorsteinn Már and Kristján for over 30 years. They first met in Slippurinn in Njardvik and in May 1989 Óskar started working for Samherji as Chief Engineer on board Hjalteyrin EA310. He worked as Chief Engineer on board various Samherji vessels until 1997 when he started working in Grindavik. Óskar took charge over the operations of the company Fiskimjöl & Lysi in Grindavík, which was then owned by Samherji but later, and while Óskar was in charge of the operations, merged with Samherji. In 2006 Óskar moved with his family to Cuxhaven in Germany, where he became Manager of Samherji´s EU fleet operations.

Samherji Ísland receives equal pay certification

Samherji Ísland ehf. has received an equal pay certification confirming that the company meets the requirements of the Equal Pay Standard ÍST: 85 2012 and the requirements of Act no. 10/2008 on equal status and equal rights for women and men.
BSI á Íslandi ehf., an accredited certification service provider, assessed the company's equal pay scheme in December and January. The certification confirms that Samherji's management system functions as intended, that the system ensures that payroll procedures and decisions are based on objective considerations and exclude gender-based discrimination.

A festive day in Cuxhaven

A name giving Ceremony of the two magnificent new freezer trawlers Cuxhaven NC 100 and Berlin NC 105
Last Friday was a big day in the history of Samherji and Deutsche Fischfang Union (DFFU) when the two new vessels were formally given a name at a ceremony in Cuxhaven, Germany. The event was even more remarkable since DFFU's last new build came to Cuxhaven in 1990. Harpa Ágústsdóttir wife of Haraldur Grétarsson, DFFU's Managing Director, named Cuxhaven NC 100 in a formal and traditional way. Then Annegret Aeikens wife of Dr. Hermann Onko Aeikens, State Secretary in the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, named Berlin NC 105. In relation to special event DFFU hosted a reception for it´s customers, officials, suppliers, employees and other well-wishers of the company. A total of 400 guests from 17 countries attended. Haraldur Grétarsson, Dr. Ulrich Getsch, Mayor of Cuxhaven and Dr. Hermann Onko Aikens, addressed the guests.
On this occasion, DFFU donated nine ship models to the Windstärke 10 Maritime Museum in Cuxhaven. The models are made after some of the company´s vessels and show the evolution of German fishing industry in the last century, but the oldest model is from 1921. This gift was well received by the museum's management, as the history of the fishing industry in Germany and Cuxhaven city coincide. Cuxhaven was one of Germany's largest fishing ports in the last century, in which many Icelanders landed their catch from the North Sea.

Berlin NC 105 starts fishing


Berlin NC 105 the new freezer trawler of Deutsche Fischfang Union, DFFU, subsidiary of Samherji in Germany, was delivered last week. The ship was built by Myklebust ship yard in Norway and is a sister ship of Cuxhaven NC100, which was delivered last summer. (see news item here)


The ships were designed by Rolls Royce, who also produced the main engines. They are 81 meters long and 16 meters wide. The ships are very advanced in terms of equipment, processing and crew facilities. The ship's factory deck was designed and constructed by Slippurinn in Akureyri and Optimar in Norway. Fish processing machines are from, among others, Vélfag in Ólafsfjörður and Marel. The refrigeration system is from Kaelismidjan Frost in Akureyri and the fishmeal factory was manufactured by Héðinn hf. 


Captains of Berlin NC are Sigurður Óli Kristjánsson and Sigurður Hörður Kristjánsson and chief engineers are Kristófer Kristjánsson and Sigurpáll Hjörvar Árnason. The crew can reach up to 35 people. Berlin NC commenced fishing in the Barents Sea last week, shortly following delivery.

Björg EA 7 has arrived home


Björg EA 7 latest ship in Samherji's fleet arrived in Akureyri Tuesday October 31st. The ship which was built by the Cemre shipyard in Turkey, is 2,080 gross tons, 62.49 meters long and 13.54 meters wide. Björg EA is the third ship that Samherji receives this year, but the sister ships Kaldbakur EA 1 and Björgúlfur EA 312 arrived earlier in the year. The ships were designed by the engineering company Skipatækni and Bárður Hafsteinsson in cooperation with the owners. In the next weeks processing and cooling equipment will be installed on board the ship and it is expected to commence fishing in the beginning of year 2018. Guðmundur Freyr Gudmundsson is the captain of Björg EA.

The ship name Baldvin exits the Samherji fleet

This week, there comes a parting of the ways for us and the vessel Baldvin NC, previously called Baldvin Þorsteinsson EA, when it is handed over to its new owners. This occasion marks the end of its 25 years of success with the Baldvin name.

The freezer trawler Baldvin Þorsteinsson EA came to Iceland 25 years ago on November 20th 1992, and was Samherji’s first new built vessel. It was built in Flekkefjord in Norway, a 1,500 tonne ship and 66 metres long. The first captain to take command was Þorsteinn Vilhelmsson and other captains during the 10 years that the ship was part of the Samherji fleet were Arngrímur Brynjólfsson, Guðmundur Jónsson and Hákon Þröstur Guðmundsson.

Kristina EA sold to Russia

The multi-fishing vessel Kristina EA has been sold to Russia and will be delivered to new owners next week. Thereby ends the more than ten years´ history of this vessel in Samherji ownership.
Kristina EA is a vessel of approx. 7,000 tns and 105 mtrs in length, built in Spain in 1994. She became the largest ship in the Icelandic fishing fleet on arrival in Iceland in May 2005 under the name of Engey RE-1. Samherji purchased the vessel in March 2007 from HB-Grandi hf. and gave it the name Kristina EA.

Samherji awarded the Icelandic Fisheries Awards 2017 in two categories - Outstanding Fish Processing and Outstanding Captain

The prize is awarded to Samherji for the land processing of the company in Akureyri and Dalvík. The prizes are first and foremost an acknowledgement of the wonderful work of our staff through the years. The evaluation of the jury stated that "Samherji has received this recognition for having played a leading role for years in developing technology and equipment in fish processing."
Guðmundur Þ. Jónsson's captain of Vilhelm Thorsteinsson EA received the award in the Outstanding Captain category.


Samherji and Ice Fresh Seafood are proud to air the new promotion videos that were premiered at the Seafood Expo in Brussels last April. The videos are a new and fresh way to introduce the brand Ice Fresh Seafood and what Samherji and Ice Fresh Seafood stand for.

"THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - Passion for fish products"
"THE QUEST FOR QUALITY - From catch to table"

Samherji’s successful operation in year 2016

“We are proud of the operating performance of Samherji hf. Coordinated effort, diligence, hard work and faith among our employees and associates all over the world has once more returned gains, over which there is every reason to rejoice” says Þorsteinn Már Baldvinsson, CEO of Samherji hf. when the group´s annual financial statements for the year 2016 were presented, after Samherji’s Annual General Meeting.
The profit of Samherji hf. from the operations of the company’s subsidiaries and associates in fifteen countries amounted to ISK 14.3 billion. More than half the group´s operations are abroad.