Fresh product ready for delivery within an hour of landing

A new video about fresh fish production in Samherji's high-tech plant in Dalvík covers the entire production process in detail from when the fish is landed directly from Samherji's vessels to the processing house until fresh products are packed according to customers' requirements and ready for delivery.

The main emphasis is on cod and haddock production in the plant, and the process is very specialized as all products are fresh or frozen. Fresh, specially cut pieces of various shapes and sizes are produced according to buyers' needs at any given time.

The video, which only focuses on fresh fish production, shows that the use of robotics in the house assures a continuous flow through the entire production process. It shows the cutting of fresh whitefish with Valka's new technology, which allows a lot of flexibility and precision in portion cutting. This technology enables Samherji to meet the highest demands of its customers.

New technological solutions and increased automation in the production plant in Dalvík shorten the production process, and fresh products can be ready for delivery within 60 minutes of the fish being landed.

The production plant, which opened on 14 August last year, has production lines from Valka, filleting machines from Vélfag, heading machines from Baader Ísland, freezers from Frost, stacking robots and a robot that releases baskets from Samey. In addition, there is equipment from Skaginn 3X, Marel, Raftákn, Slippurinn and other Icelandic companies. The equipment in the plant and the software that controls it are the results of the development collaboration between Samherji and the companies that produced them. These are new, specialized solutions based on innovation and entrepreneurship.

The video can be accessed here.