No claims against a former managing director

In RUV’s radio morning show yesterday there was a discussion about The Courage Foundation, a trust set up by WikiLeaks for fundraising the legal defense of whistleblowers and journalists.

It was stated during the discussion that Jóhannes Stefánsson, a former managing director of Samherji, would receive grants from the fund and it was noted that funds were being raised from the public in order to support him.

It has been stated that the purpose of the fundraising is to meet the costs that the beneficiaries believe they need to bear. Radio show host Sigmar Guðmundsson said the fund in question had supported well-known whistleblowers abroad and compared their case with Stefánsson’s case, but stated that the foreign cases were of different nature. "They are fighting with US authorities but Jóhannes Stefánsson is in a fight with the giant company operating here, Samherji," Guðmundsson said.

Thus, in this discussion, it was hinted that Stefánsson had incurred some expense or expense due to this "struggle" with his former employer, Samherji.

Samherji wants to reiterate that the company has made no claims against Jóhannes Stefánsson, whether these are financial claims or claims of a different nature. In fact, Samherji has never put forward claims against Stefánsson for anything after his employment was terminated in 2016. In that connection, it is important to emphasize that Stefánsson was well rewarded for his work at Samherji and the company fulfilled all of its obligations to him. Both before and after his employment ended.